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„Man of the water“, “surfer“ or “just“ a surf coach? “Real” profession or a job “only”?

We keep on asking ourselves the question, if the job as a surf coach is more a passionate choice or only a job.

After many years of experience and observing the market, we agree that most of the surf teachers only pursue the goal of surfing. For many teachers having fun and surfing matters first. The well-paid holiday jobs are given to any people with a strong focus on themselves. This leads to a lack of individual care and safety for each student. Where is the responsible person and the "Man of the water"?

A connection between the Surfer and the "Man of the water"!

As we see the true surfing soul, there is always a discrepancy. Ultimately, he has a strong surfer´s heart. He wants to surf as many good waves as possible, but fun on the water dominates. If he sees a good wave, he is unable to hold back. He transfers a feeling of freedom, fun and all possibilities.

"The man of the water" on the other hand pays attention to fullest extent. He knows about the ocean, each surf spot, the waves, the grounds, the tides and the moon phases. Didactic preparation for the guests, individual care and his expertise with the ocean foster analyzing and also pushing his surf students – with safety and sustainability.

At the SIF surf school all our students get a direct and personal teaching on the ocean and there is always one of the CEOs with you in the water.

Dave Becker, surf coach-level highest degrees, lifeguard for 22 years, longboarder, retro shortboards, swimmer, CEO, coach, languages: English, German, Spanish

Tommy Haufe (Soon ...)

Vanessa Schumacher, more on land than in the water, graphic designer, marketing, admin, office, languages: German, English


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