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About our Yoga teacher Nadine Runggaldier

Nadine is a surfer herself and has finished several intensive yoga teacher trainings. She passed her basic teacher training in Cologne at “Lord Vishnus Couch”. Currently, she  broadens her skills as an advanced yoga teacher with “Laughing Lotus” in New York. She has also passed a Yin Yoga teacher training with Stefanie Arend. Nadine is everything, but an unworldly “esoteric lady” and she has a very trained view for the body.

She is flexible with her classes and always pays attention to your personal benefit.

Why do Yoga and surfing go together?

Yoga and surfing is the perfect combination. In the mornings we practice some sun salutations and do a systematic stretching to warm up and get on the board to surf and paddle smoothly. Like this take-offs work out easier. Your muscles are warmed up and your core gets stable through Yoga, which protects your back and expands your surfing career. Fuerteventura offers the most beautiful panoramas for practicing Yoga outdoors – either at the beach or on the volcano.

Flexibility and your own fitness level

It does not matter if you are “super flexible” or not. Our yoga teacher has a long expertise – there is always a way to practice – also for the stiffest body. For sure, you will leave the class much smoother than starting it – this is a promise!

Yoga as preparation before surfing

Through practicing Yoga, you primarily strengthen the small stabilizing muscles, which leads to a lower risk of injuries. Other movements are more balancing the whole body. To support all the paddling Vinyasa and Yin Yoga offer many stretches and openers for the chest, which leads to a relaxation for the shoulders and the upper back. Furthermore, if there is no ocean for surfing nearby, now you have a way to still keep your muscles active.

Yoga as relaxation

During Yin Yoga after surfing you can really let things go and the deep stretches of the fascial tissue brings a regenerative effect. We balance the unbalanced load from surfing and through the longer and deeper breathes the nervous systems shuts completely down. At the same time the lung volume will increase.

Soul-searching and take care of yourself

Practicing a general mindfulness, short meditation and breathing through Yoga helps you to accept this consciousness also for surfing. You will realize little mistakes faster, if you pay close attention to the responsible part of the body causing the movement. The breathing exercises offer you the possibility to calm down in the lineup for example. If you are being wiped out, you are able to keep cool through breathing.

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